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Unlike large universities with innumerable online degrees, countless classes, faceless instructors, and nameless fellow students, Bryan University prefers to keep it small and keep it real.

Smaller classes mean more personalized instruction, and it means you’ll get to know your classmates by seeing them, collaborating with them on assignments, and developing lasting associations.

Student Outreach Services
The Bryan University Student Outreach department is dedicated to enriching your experience at Bryan University with a wide range of educational, motivational, and social programming. Whether it’s an unexpected challenge that needs resolving, or a student resource that needs explanation, staff members are always ready to work with you. The department continually aims to provide an environment that nurtures your well-being and your educational goals.

Social Media
You’ll find Bryan University on several social-media platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and—the most often used—Facebook. Feel free to make your presence known, communicate with others, speak your mind, share your experiences, upload photos, and ask questions whenever the whim strikes.

Plus, once you’re enrolled in a program of study, you’ll be invited to participate in the Bryan University Facebook App, introduced in 2012 for purposes of encouraging even more friendships between students.

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Amazed at my wealth of knowledge.

"My education through Bryan has allowed me to be a more confident, fit, knowledgeable individual both within my personal and professional life. This education has given me more information than most of my fellow personal training colleagues have gained over a five-year period working within the field, and people are often amazed at my wealth of knowledge."

– Whitney Fray, Graduate

I am employed as a Personal Trainer

"After completing this course, I am employed as a Personal Trainer in a commercial fitness facility. I am also surprised to find that my knowledge surpasses 75% of the trainers I have met in the field, not counting instructors."

– Angela Most, Graduate