Associate Degree in Litigation and E-Discovery Paralegal Studies

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Expanding Careers
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegal and litigation support jobs are expected to grow 18 percent through the year 2020, and another 83,400 industry job openings are expected to be added in the United States through the same year.1

Furthermore, according to a recent industry salary study, 60 percent of law firms surveyed indicated that they are planning to expand their litigation-support departments and e-Discovery practice groups.2
Now is the time to seize your opportunity in this dynamic industry!

Attractive Opportunities
As a graduate of the Bryan University Litigation and E-Discovery Paralegal Studies program, you will enter a world of exciting career opportunities:

  • Corporate Paralegal
  • Litigation Paralegal
  • Legal Analyst
  • Legal Support Specialist
  • E-Discovery Litigation Support

Paralegals perform many key roles in the industry:

  • Managing attorney- and client-support functions
  • Conducting investigation of facts and performing legal research related to a case
  • Compiling evidence and preparing materials for trial
  • Directing and coordinating law-office operations
  • Preparing and indexing legal documents, reports and other litigation materials using computer software
  • Maintaining electronic databases and all electronic materials and documents related to law cases using relevant e-Discovery software

Litigation and e-Discovery paralegals lead rewarding careers in numerous settings:

  • Local and international law firms
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Professional services firms
  • Finance and insurance firms
  • Government agencies

Find Your Place in a Multibillion-Dollar Industry
Recent trends indicate that law firms increasingly use technology and computer software for managing documents and preparing for trials. In today’s technology-driven environment, paralegals must be equipped with electronic database-management expertise and be current on the latest e-Discovery software. E-Discovery refers to all electronic materials that are searched, located and secured as resources for a trial. These include emails, text messages, phone records, accounting databases, websites and other electronic documents.

E-Discovery has quickly become a multibillion-dollar industry and a key component of the legal process, often comprising 50 percent or more of litigation costs. E-Discovery experts recognize a huge knowledge gap in the profession, leading to an ever-growing need for highly educated paralegals with the right e-Discovery training. That’s why Bryan University is committed to providing you with the most unique, comprehensive and unrivaled paralegal e-Discovery education possible, giving you the necessary training to prepare you for success as soon as you graduate.

Learn how Bryan University can put you on the path to a rewarding new career today.


1Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2011. Also see, job code 23-2011.
2Cowen Group (2010). 2009-2010 Salary Survey Snapshot.
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Amazed at my wealth of knowledge.

"My education through Bryan has allowed me to be a more confident, fit, knowledgeable individual both within my personal and professional life. This education has given me more information than most of my fellow personal training colleagues have gained over a five-year period working within the field, and people are often amazed at my wealth of knowledge."

– Whitney Fray, Graduate

I am employed as a Personal Trainer

"After completing this course, I am employed as a Personal Trainer in a commercial fitness facility. I am also surprised to find that my knowledge surpasses 75% of the trainers I have met in the field, not counting instructors."

– Angela Most, Graduate